An Open Letter to the Staff at the OOR

Dear Angie, Bina, Blake, Charles, Delene, Dylan, Erin, Faith, George, Janelle, Jill, Jordan, Josh, Joy, Kelly, Kyle, Maggie, Michele, Nathan, and Ryan,

Thank you.

It has been the privilege of a lifetime to work with you over the past six years. I cannot imagine a better team.

Over that time, the OOR has resolved nearly 15,000 Right-to-Know Law appeals, including hundreds of successful mediations. We have hosted or participated in nearly 400 training sessions. We have answered many thousands of inquiries from agencies, the media, and regular citizens. We have overhauled the OOR website, created an entirely new docketing system, and developed many new resources for both agencies and requesters.

In short, we have done exactly what the Office of Open Records was intended to do. I know that Senator Pileggi (some call him Judge Pileggi now, but he will always be Senator Pileggi to me) is proud of what we have done, and to me that is the greatest marker of our success.

Back in 2007 and 2008, when the bill that would become the Right-to-Know Law was working its way through the General Assembly (with tremendous bipartisan support), I never considered the possibility of being the executive director of the OOR. When Governor Corbett appointed me to this position, a decision for which I will be forever grateful, I wasn’t sure that I was the right choice.

Looking back, I hope I’ve done a pretty good job – but I know that all of you have done an amazing job.

Leaving the OOR is bittersweet, and a piece of my heart will always live there. But the office couldn’t be in better hands. You are all good and decent people, and smart and talented professionals. Most importantly, you all have integrity.

I love you all like family, and I very much hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Thank you for everything.


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