OOR on Yelp

OOR on YelpThe Office of Open Records is now on Yelp, the online review site.

Inspired by the article “Can Yelp Help Government Win Back the Public’s Trust?,” published this week by Governing, I added the OOR to Yelp this morning. Here’s part of what the article had to say:

Last month, Yelp and the General Services Administration (GSA), which manages the basic functions of the federal government, announced that government workers will soon be able to read and respond to their agencies’ Yelp reviews — and, hopefully, incorporate the feedback into service improvements. …

“I think government is looking to become far more innovative when it comes to social media,” said Laurent Crenshaw, head of public policy for Yelp. “This agreement provides a new way to connect with citizens and improve services.”

The goal of adding the OOR to Yelp is to give the public another way to connect with us, specifically to let us know how we’re doing. So if you’ve ever had a chance to interact with the OOR, go ahead and post a review. We want to hear from you!

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