The Open Records in Pennsylvania blog is written and maintained by Erik Arneson, Executive Director of the Office of Open Records. If you’d like to share any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to post a comment below, to tweet @ErikOpenRecords, or to send Erik an email.

All photos were taken by Erik Arneson unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Erik is it possible to obtain past emails from employees of the state of Pennsylvania? I went through a situation involving a state employee back in 2013 and I believe there was some wrong doing on the employees part that should not have been over looked. An absolute abuse of power in my eyes.


    • Under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law, emails are potentially public records. They’re subject to the same test as any other kind of records. Some of the relevant questions include: Do they document a transaction or activity of the agency? Do they fall under one of the exceptions in the RTKL? Are they made non-public under another law?


  2. I had gonna over the dominate Commw. ct case law specific to the e-mails situation… and what I got out of it as a layman and not a JD is that it’s up to the discretion of the AORO and not only that but the officials whos e-mail it is gets to argue for or aginst it… so the thing is you want put a request in and go on appeal if you want the e-mails peserves… that all i got to say about that.


  3. Dear Executive Director Arneson, please find here a Right to Know Law (“RTKL”) request of the Office of Open Records (“OOR”). My request is submitted as a .pdf file using the OOR’s Uniform Form. I deliver it via two public file-share links for you/the OOR to choose from (Google Drive and MS One Drive):



    Consistent with Section 703 of the RTKL please can you forward my request to the OOR’s Open Records Officer for processing. It is now 4:40pm EST on 9-29-17.

    Thank you,
    Simon Campbell.


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