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  1. Erik is it possible to obtain past emails from employees of the state of Pennsylvania? I went through a situation involving a state employee back in 2013 and I believe there was some wrong doing on the employees part that should not have been over looked. An absolute abuse of power in my eyes.


    • Under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law, emails are potentially public records. They’re subject to the same test as any other kind of records. Some of the relevant questions include: Do they document a transaction or activity of the agency? Do they fall under one of the exceptions in the RTKL? Are they made non-public under another law?


  2. I had gonna over the dominate Commw. ct case law specific to the e-mails situation… and what I got out of it as a layman and not a JD is that it’s up to the discretion of the AORO and not only that but the officials whos e-mail it is gets to argue for or aginst it… so the thing is you want put a request in and go on appeal if you want the e-mails peserves… that all i got to say about that.


  3. Dear Executive Director Arneson, please find here a Right to Know Law (“RTKL”) request of the Office of Open Records (“OOR”). My request is submitted as a .pdf file using the OOR’s Uniform Form. I deliver it via two public file-share links for you/the OOR to choose from (Google Drive and MS One Drive):



    Consistent with Section 703 of the RTKL please can you forward my request to the OOR’s Open Records Officer for processing. It is now 4:40pm EST on 9-29-17.

    Thank you,
    Simon Campbell.


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