911 Caller Info & House Bill 1310

UPDATE: The changes to HB 1310 were concurred in by the House on May 17, and the bill was signed into law by Governor Wolf as Act 30 of 2016 on May 24.

The Senate passed House Bill 1310 today by a vote of 48-1.

HB 1310, introduced in the House by Rep. Maria Donatucci and amended in the Senate by Sen. Randy Vulakovich, is designed to protect certain information about people who call 911. HB 1310 will prohibit a public safety answering point (PSAP – often referred to as a 911 call center) from releasing individual identifying information about someone who calls 911, a victim, or a witness.

“Identifying information” is defined as name, telephone number, and home address.

To ensure that enough information is made public to allow for an accurate evaluation of emergency response times, “identifying information” does not include “the location of the incident, unless the location is the caller’s victim’s or witness’s home address or the disclosure of the location would compromise the identity of the caller, victim or witness.”

And in all cases, the following information will be public: the street block identifier of the scene of the incident (e.g., “the 100 block of Main Street”), the cross street nearest the scene of the incident (e.g., “intersection of Main Street and 1st Avenue”) or the mile marker nearest the scene of the incident.

The bill also allows the PSAP or a court to release information that’s otherwise protected if the public interest in disclosure outweighs the interest in nondisclosure.

Because the Senate amended HB 1310, it now returns to the House for concurrence.

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