10 Examples of Records the RTKL Provided Access to in 2016

Here’s a sampling of the types of records which the Right-to-Know Law provided access to in 2016:

  1. $2 million paid by Philadelphia School District to defend itself in lawsuits related to a no-bid contract for surveillance cameras.
  2. More than $436,000 paid to defend former Attorney General Kathleen Kane in lawsuits filed by former employees.
  3. The misallocation of cash confiscated from suspected drug dealers in Cambria County.
  4. The fact that the Pittsburgh Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority was missing financial records and its former director used an ICA debit card for questionable spending. Legislation reforming the ICA, Act 99 of 2016, was subsequently enacted.
  5. $195,000 paid by the State Police to settle a claim that a man was jailed for nearly a month after troopers using a field drug test mistook soap for cocaine.
  6. A recommendation, which was never implemented, to install flashing lights at a railroad crossing where a woman was subsequently killed.
  7. A partially redacted report on the Gettysburg Police Department, including recommendations stemming from an officer’s use of a Taser during an arrest.
  8. $690,000 paid by Moon Area School District to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit.
  9. Documents showing that a PPL executive called the company’s storm room to ask about an outage in his neighborhood, leading to a delay in service restoration for other customers.
  10. Records showing that the Manheim Township School Board authorized a firm to begin searching for a new superintendent before taking a public vote.

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