830 Right-to-Know Requests to the OOR in 2016

In addition to deciding appeals filed under the Right-to-Know Law, the Office of Open Records processes hundreds of Right-to-Know requests every year. In 2016, we responded to 830 requests.

Most requests filed with the OOR are misdirected: The requester isn’t really seeking OOR records; rather, they want records from another agency but mistakenly file the request with the OOR.

Last year, about 91% of RTK requests filed with the OOR were misdirected. However, the OOR responds to every request, and for the misdirected ones, we try to point the requester to best agency.

75 of the requests we received in 2016 were for OOR records. These were typically for copies of Final Determinations, case files, salary information, OOR forms, and the OOR’s procedural guidelines.

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