OOR Webinars – Last Week & A Look Ahead

Office of Open Records LogoPrior to last week, the Office of Open Records had hosted precisely one webinar. Last week, which was Sunshine Week 2019, we dove in the deep end with nine webinars.

Part of our goal was to see how much interest there might be in this kind of training about the Right-to-Know Law and the Sunshine Act. The OOR has been doing on-site trainings since the law went into effect in 2009, and we don’t intend to stop. But webinars can reach a wider audience more efficiently.

I’m thrilled to report that we had more than 600 people sign up to participate in those nine webinars. (Some of those 600 are repeat customers – people who signed up for more than one.) As a result, we will definitely be scheduling more web-based training sessions.

Of the nine sessions we offered last week, here’s how they ranked in terms of public interest:

  • Sunshine Act Training
  • Basics for New Agency Open Records Officers (AOROs)
  • Recent Court & OOR Decisions of Note
  • About OOR Mediation
  • AOROs: Preparing Affidavits for Appeals
  • OOR Website Resources
  • RTKL Training for Requesters
  • 2019 AORO Survey Results
  • OOR Annual Report

If you’d like to suggest other topics, please let us know. And the best way to be notified of upcoming OOR webinars is to sign up for our email newsletter!

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