Presentations in Hermitage and Saegertown

Today, at the invitation of Senator Michele Brooks, I’ll be speaking to groups in Hermitage (10 a.m.) and Saegertown (2 p.m.). The sessions will focus on the Right-to-Know Law and related topics, with plenty of time for Q&A.

I’m looking forward to two great events, and I very much appreciate the invitation.

Here’s the PowerPoint presentation I will use:

Hermitage & Saegertown – Sen. Michele Brooks – April 3, 2019 (PDF)
Hermitage & Saegertown – Sen. Michele Brooks – April 3, 2019 (PPTX)

One thought on “Presentations in Hermitage and Saegertown

  1. Reblogged this on The Corry Reporter and commented:
    Some very useful information relating to what people have a right to know and right of access to in terms of the operations of and information handled by government agencies.

    Highly recommended reading if you at all interested in the affairs of government as it affects you, and we all should be.


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