Transparency Zone, January 2023

Some records related to an investigation of alleged elder abuse are exempt under the Older Adult Protective Service Act. 2022-2868

The Office of Open Records does not have jurisdiction over appeals of unemployment compensation benefits decisions.  2023-0108

Some libraries are considered a local government agency (2022-2541) while others are not (2022-2853).

A police department failed to establish that it does not possess records related to the mileage of cars in its fleet. 2022-2583

The agency failed to prove that aggregate number of medical marijuana certifications issued by practitioners are exempt under the Medical Marijuana Act. 2022-2635

One thought on “Transparency Zone, January 2023

  1. I have noticed that many of your on-line forms require address information which seems discriminatory and a civil rights violation. They also require via a drop down menu to input a state. While you do include DC, you do not include territories of the United States such as Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, precluding residents of those places in the US from using your forms. There is no way to fill in a territory and you HAVE to choose a state.


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