Transparency Zone, April 2023

When responding to a request, a school district must inquire with school board members regarding whether they have used personal email accounts for district business and whether those personal email accounts contain records responsive to the request. 2023-0289

Recommendations regarding renewal liquor license renewals made by a hearing examiner to the PA Liquor Control Board constitute an internal, predecisional and deliberative record that may be withheld.  2023-0605

The name, manner, and cause of death of a minor killed in an automobile accident is a public record. 2023-0530

A county failed to prove how the disclosure of properly redacted Extraordinary Occurrence Reports for the release of inmates to hospitals is likely to threaten the personal security of an individual or public safety. 2023-0107

An agency failed to demonstrate whether the geolocation data contained on a list encompasses home addresses, nor did it explain whether the latitude and longitude data is precise enough for the requester to accurately determine a street address from it. Thus the geographic location information may not be withheld under the auspices of the state constitutional right to privacy. 2022-2836

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