10 Examples of Records the RTKL Provided Access to in 2015

Here’s a sampling of the types of records which the Right-to-Know Law provided access to in 2015:

  1. Information regarding airport perimeter security breaches at Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airport.
  2. The amount spent on school district solicitor bills and other legal expenses over the course of a fiscal year at numerous school districts.
  3. A redacted copy of the Pennsylvania State Police After Action Report / Improvement Plan issued following the September 2014 shooting at the Blooming Grove barracks.
  4. De-identified information about the waiting lists for service at Norristown State Hospital, Torrance State Hospital, and other regional forensic psychiatric center facilities.
  5. Training records for a police officer charged (and later acquitted) in a fatal shooting.
  6. Emails related to discussions about where school crossing guards should be assigned after a girl was killed trying to cross at a busy intersection.
  7. The amount paid to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed her son was wrongly killed by a state trooper and, separately, the amounts paid to defend and settle a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by a former public defender.
  8. Information revealing that about 10 percent of school employees in a particular district were related to the district’s top officials.
  9. Emails indicating that local officials were using official email accounts for communication related to local elections.
  10. A log of reports of health complaints tracked by the Department of Health in areas of the state seeing natural gas development.

The complete Office of Open Records 2015 Annual Report is available on our website (along with previous years).

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