Map: Appeals in 2017 by County

More Right-to-Know Law appeals were filed involving local agencies in Allegheny County — including the county itself, school districts, authorities, municipalities, etc. — than in any other county in 2017. (Allegheny County is home to about 130 municipalities and about 40 school districts.)

The top 10 counties by this measure were:

  • Allegheny, 166
  • Philadelphia, 157
  • Dauphin, 119
  • Delaware, 97
  • Lehigh, 89
  • Montgomery, 89
  • York, 71
  • Luzerne, 65
  • Bucks, 55
  • Berks, 51

2017 - Statewide Map

This map shows the number of non-inmate appeals involving local agencies which were filed with the OOR in 2017. All local agencies (e.g., county government, school districts, municipalities, etc.) are included in each county total.

The top 10 counties by this measure are all among the top 15 most populous counties in Pennsylvania.

This information is from the OOR’s 2017 Annual Report.

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