New Standard RTKL Request Form

Standard RTKL Request Form (Sample)The Office of Open Records (OOR) is required by Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) to “develop a uniform [request] form which shall be accepted by all Commonwealth and local agencies” (Section 505(a) of the RTKL).

Pursuant to that duty, the OOR has issued a new version of the Standard RTKL Request Form, which is available here in both PDF and DOCX formats:

Right-to-Know Law Forms

The new Standard RTKL Request Form reflects great input from both agencies and requesters. We asked for your thoughts back in September, and you came through. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions.

We weren’t able to incorporate every idea, of course, but we did incorporate many. We hope and expect that the new form will be significantly more useful for everyone involved in the RTKL process.

As required by Section 505(a) of the RTKL, all Commonwealth and local agencies must accept RTKL requests submitted on the new Standard RTKL Request Form, as well as requests submitted on previous versions of the Standard RTKL Request Form.

The new Standard RTKL Request Form can also be accessed directly via these links:

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