2020 AORO Survey Results

Earlier this year, the Office of Open Records conducted the fourth statewide survey of Agency Open Records Officers (AOROs), the people directly responsible for responding to Right-to-Know Law requests in Pennsylvania.

Some highlights from this year’s survey:

  • We received 1,433 responses from a wide variety of agency types. (Last year, we received 1,054 responses.)
  • Responses were received from agencies in all 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties.
  • Overall, the results were remarkably consistent with last year’s results.
  • Nearly 92% of agencies reported spending less than 5 hours per week responding to RTKL requests. (That includes 62.2% of agencies which spent less than 1 hour per week.)
  • The median number of requests received was 15; the average was 43.4.
  • The majority (53.2%) of requests were “general requests.” That was followed by commercial requests (31.2%), discovery and litigation requests (6.1%), academic research requests (5.4%), news media requests (3.2%), and inmate requests (1.0%).

This PDF contains additional detail about the 2020 Agency Open Records Officer Survey:

2020 AORO Survey Results – April 9, 2020 – PDF

And here’s the underlying data, exported into Excel files in the three ways Survey Monkey allows (all three are ZIP files):


Thank you to all of the AOROs who took the time to answer this year’s survey. Your participation is extremely valuable.

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