NEWS RELEASE: Office of Open Records Applauds New Law on Meeting Agendas


Office of Open Records Applauds New Law on Meeting Agendas

HARRISBURG – Yesterday, the Governor signed SB554, sponsored by Senator Pat Stefano, which amends the Sunshine Act, or “Open Meetings Law,” to require state government agencies, local municipalities, and school districts to post an agenda online no later than 24 hours before the start of a public meeting.  

“The opportunity to review an agenda before a public meeting is a positive step towards increasing government accountability and citizen participation,” Office of Open Records Executive Director Liz Wagenseller said. “Access to timely and relevant information is crucial to promoting open and knowledgeable dialogue between citizens and government officials, and we look forward to the continued work of the legislature to improve government responsiveness and transparency.” 

Under the Right-to-Know Law, the OOR is required to offer training on the Sunshine Act.  The OOR will conduct a webinar on the Sunshine Act, including the newly enacted SB554, on July 14, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.  The webinar is free and can be accessed at  

Media Contact: Liz Wagenseller, Executive Director,  


One thought on “NEWS RELEASE: Office of Open Records Applauds New Law on Meeting Agendas

  1. I am a borough council person and I hope the upcoming webinar on the new open meeting law will address these situations:
    1: If no change in what items are being discussed is made, may an agenda be reordered so that items appear in a different order? Does this require a majority of council to agree?
    2: If a council meets at 6:30 pm on a Thursday, are we to assume a final agenda must be posted by 6:29 pm the day before?


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