The Transparency Zone, March 2022 Edition

Today we are unveiling a new monthly feature in our blog: 

The Transparency Zone

Each month, we will list final determinations of that are of interest, either for their topic or the RTKL nuance highlighted. While not all of them can be about finding buried gold or the secret location of a kangaroo, the OOR consistently explores thought-provoking issues and concepts.

Even your own medical records are exempt from disclosure. (2022-0609)

Anonymous requesters may be outright denied under the RTKL. (2022-0355)

Agency did not prove that surveillance video footage would reveal identify of medical marijuana patients. (2022-0103)

A high school football coach’s playbook is not a record of the school district. (2022-0378)

A requester may appeal the properness of redactions. (2021-2729)

Since a police report regarding a complaint about a neighbor’s wind chime is part of a noncriminal complaint, it is a protected record. (2022-0367)

The hold music audio file used in a local government’s telephone system is not a record of the agency. (2022-0248)


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