Survey Results: COVID-19’s Impact on RTKL & Sunshine Act

Open records_logo stackedThe Office of Open Records recently conducted two surveys about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the administration of Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law (open records law) and Sunshine Act (open meetings law).

Some of the highlights were discussed yesterday at the OOR’s 2020 Annual Training, and here are the complete results:

Results from the COVID-19 Survey for AOROs (377 responses)
Results from the COVID-19 Survey for Requesters (26 responses)

Please note that approximately 40 executive agencies submitted a single joint response to the AORO survey, which the OOR thanks them for. Consequently, some of the results in that survey require deeper analysis to be considered truly representative.

Also note that due to the relatively small number of responses to the requester survey, it’s difficult (perhaps impossible) to draw any broad conclusions. However, I do believe some significant and useful information can be gleaned from reviewing those results.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer either of the surveys. We appreciate it.

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